Use you home computer to mine for free

BitCoin is back! We’ve ridden the highs and the lows and we are now back in a full Bull market. There is still a few ways you can get involved in the Crypto coin world without actually investing, see below.

We’ll take you through all you need to know to start digging up a few LiteCoin, Bitcoin, DogeCoin or Dash without any costly extra equipment, simply using the browser and CPU of your computer.

All you have to once you have read this page is click on the menu depending on what coin you would like to mine, but before you do keep reading below. To Store the Bitcoin you are mining you need to register your details with the micro wallet CoinPot which takes a couple of minutes and then your ready to start mining. It’s self-explanatory on signing up once you click through to the relevant sites from the links above. You need to make sure you keep going back to each site and cashing out, you can do this every 5 mins or you can leave it for a couple of hours/days and then cash out.

Mining Bitcoin
Mining Bitcoin

The only downside to this is the longer you leave it the slower the BitCoin mining gets. You can see the screenshot from my CoinPot account and I’ve only been doing it for a week!

Coinpot micro wallet, bitcoin, litecoin, dash
Coinpot micro wallet

Once you’ve mined a bit of BitCoin from the faucet you can then transfer it to your CoinBase Secure Wallet  and place what you’ve mined into real currency, which if you sign up you get $10 free which you change into Bitcoin. I did a test with a small amount to make sure it worked and within 48 hours it was in my account as you can see below.

CoinPot to Coinbase


You don’t have to use the popular online CoinBase Secure Wallet which if you sign up you get $10 free which you change into Bitcoin. Coinbase is now available to the people of Andorra, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Iceland, Isle of Man, and Lithuania. You can also withdraw to any wallet of your choice including exchanges by putting in your unique code.

But if you don’t have a CoinBase Secure Wallet then I would recommend it, it’s very good. Just click on the text above to sign up and get $10 free which you can change into Bitcoin. If you then wanted to trade in any other coins the easiest way is to transfer either your Bitcoin, Litecoin or Etherium to a trading platform such as Binance from your Coinbase wallet as these exchanges don’t allow you to upload USD or GBP directly. This then gives you the opportunity to trade in other up and coming currencies such as Ripple (XRP), Decentralised (MANA), TRON (TRX),  (BAT) (XLM) along with many others. These are my picks for 2019 and are still reasonably priced to allow for profit. You can store your coins on Binance and it also has secure 2FA log in which is a must.


Coinbase Wallet

That’s pretty much it, clicking through on the headers at the top of this page will take you to the free mining faucets. We also recommend the Ledger Nano s hardware wallet to store all your earnings off the internet. This is the safest way to keep all your coins. Click below to buy at the bargain rate of €58.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Once signed up you can refer yourself and earn up to 100% bonus on what you mine. There are also other bonuses you can earn which I will explain on the other pages. Thanks for reading, good luck and welcome to the joy ride!!

Mining BitCoin

You can also learn how to buy Altcoins such as  Ripple (XRP),  Tron (TRX)  and  Verge (XVG) using Coinbase and Binance via the links at the top of the page or clicking on the Cryptocurrency above, the process is the same for all coins on Binance.

I can not be held responsible for viruses, misuse of your computer or any problems that arise from the information I have given on this website or any websites that I link to. You are doing this at your own risk and should have good anti-virus software running, only invest what you can afford to invest as there is a good chance you may lose your money.